The Naked Eye Podcast: Exploring Natural Alternatives to Glasses, Contacts, and Surgeries

The Naked Eye Podcast is a show designed to help people learn how to see clearly with the naked eye. No glasses, no contacts, no laser eye surgeries… just natural vision improvement. Together we’ll explore the holistic side of eyecare and how natural alternatives like the Bates Method, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and more can give you healthier eyes, which leads to better eyesight and insight. Nathan Oxenfeld will be teaching you natural vision tips and vision enhancement practices, covering advances in vision training, vision science, and neuroplasticity, challenging orthodox views and belief systems, debunking vision myths, and conducting interviews with the world’s leading natural vision educators and other alternative practitioners that offer modalities that also enhance eyesight & insight. He'll also be answering listener questions and creating a forum for people who are in the process of improving their own vision holistically to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This podcast will also document Nathan's ongoing travels, events, classes, workshops, and retreats to raise awareness of natural alternatives to glasses, contacts, and surgery.
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Sep 24, 2022

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dr. Sam Berne about his new book Vital Vision (coming in February 2023), which answers the internet's most commonly asked questions about holistic eye care, including topics like eye floaters, cataracts, diet & nutrition, and more. Dr. Sam's website is Get your Free Color Lights Gifts on October 4th @ Don't miss Natural Vision Improvement Day on October 15th @ Thank you!

Sep 1, 2022

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld shares a few upcoming opportunities to participate in natural vision improvement talks, workshops, and panels this fall and winter, and teaches a 20 minute lesson about why eye exercises alone don't improve vision and how the habit of central fixation does.

[0:30] New Bates Method 101 Video on YouTube! Why Eye Exercises Don’t Work (And What Does Work)

[2:00] Episode 2 of TNEP - Eye Exercises vs. The Bates Method

[2:40] Naked Eye Podcast vs. Bates Method 101 YouTube videos

[3:15] Central Fixation is what does work! Diffusion (Eccentric Fixation) keeps your vision blurry!

[3:47] Color Lights World Project 2022 Events

[4:31] Light Therapy & Color Therapy

[5:34] Free Zoominar on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 @ 2pm EDT featuring 10 speakers (including me!)

[6:09] My Vision Panel with Ainhoa de Federico is on December 1st, 2022 @ 2pm EDT (Preserving Eye Health in a Screen Filled World)

[7:51] The other 5 panels in October, November, and December

[8:38] Register online at Gabrielle Buresch-Teichmann’s website 

[9:11] Natural Vision Improvement Day is on Saturday, October 15th from 10am to 6pm EDT

[10:08] AVE = Association of Vision Educators 

[11:07] Natural Vision Improvement Day features Nathan Oxenfeld, Orit Kruglanski, Claudia Muehlenweg, Dr. Marc Grossman, Ainhoa de Federico, Peter Grunwald, Dr. Jacob Liberman, and an entire AVE Teacher Panel to finish

[12:27] Go to for more info or  

[13:22] New 6 Month Vision Improvement Program group starts this November 2022-April 2023

[13:52] More documentary screenings getting planned for early 2023

[14:18] Rent or Purchase the film (plus 4 extended interviews)

[15:05] Natural Vision Teacher Training Program in development!

[17:00] EXERCISE doesn’t work. RELAXATION does work.

[18:30] Don’t take your eyes to the “eye gym”, take them to the “eye spa”

[19:50] Dynamic Relaxation is achieving and maintaining relaxation in your eyes and mind as you’re using them

[20:10]The Fundamental Principle of the Bates Method = Central Fixation

[20:40] Palming is more of a passive relaxation (eyes closed)

[22:08] Central fixation is more of a dynamic relaxation (eyes open)

[22:44] Diffusion is trying to see everything equally clearly all at once

[23:00] Central Fixation is seeing best where you are looking

[24:12] The important difference between photographic camera and human eye

[26:50] Artificial lenses lead to a loss of central fixation

[29:05] Central fixation is a good vision habit to maintain in between your other vision practices

[30:55] Get a visual demonstration of diffusion vs. central fixation look like in the YouTube video

[32:52] Subscribe to my YouTube channel  

[33:11] Daily Routine video has over 900,000 views- let’s get to a million!

[34:34] The Better Eyesight Podcast & The Better Eyesight League 

[36:36] Mark your calendars for October 4th, October 15th, and December 1st, 2022!

Jun 24, 2022

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld is joined by Dr. Ray Gottlieb as they review some key parts of his Bates Fundamentals & Procedures document, which you can download at

0:00 - 13:00 - Nathan's Introduction
14:14 - Find the PDF on Ray's website
14:56 - Dr. Ray Gottlieb's introduction
15:35 - Ray's vision history
16:00 - Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, and Bates in 1970
17:00 - Self-Taught Bates System leads to first clear flash
18:00 - Central Fixation at an optometry meeting
19:00 - Comparing learning eyesight improvement to learning piano
20:00 - On-demand clarity
21:00 - Curiosity and dedication help get through plateaus
23:00 - Using self-massage techniques on face and neck to relax eyes
24:00 - Being patient with the process to fizzle out frustration
26:00 - Any form of relaxation counts
27:00 - Everything in the Bates Method is about relaxing the eyes
28:00 - Story of the Presbyopia Reduction Chart
30:00 - Vision habits showing up in everyday life, practicing all the time
32:00 - Make an appointment with yourself, and show up
33:00 - Palming without the palms, maintaining visualization
34:00 - Become aware, remember to be aware, prolong attention span for the awareness, maintain awareness in demanding situations
37:00 - Blink and Breathe Now! Signs
39:00 - Breathing well changes pH of blood and increases threshold of when fight/flight response takes place
40:30 - Current research backs up Bates' practice of "Dodging"
44:00 - Bates wants us to maintain good vision habits for life
45:00 - Palming Visualization Practices
46:00 - Extending attention span for breathing
47:00 - Five Finger Exercise
51:00 - The Big Squeeze
56:00 - The Light Touch
58:00 - The Alexander Technique
59:00 - Visualizing Letters and Numbers
1:00:00 - Body Posture and Vision
1:02:00 - Love Trust and Gratitude
1:08:00 - Visualizing the Color Black
1:09:00 - Using the Star Charts for Central Fixation
1:16:00 - Convergence and Divergence on the Star Charts
1:18:00 - Building depth perception by touching the tip of a pointer to the center of a star one eye at a time
1:20:00 - Deepening the breath with breathing games
1:25:00 - The Bates Method is about the eye-mind connection, bringing more attention to where you are looking
1:28:00 - What is your #1 tip for getting started?
1:29:00 - Toning and vibration cleans your brain
1:32:00 - Brahmari Pranayama
1:33:00 - Don't try too hard to visualize
1:35:00 - Breathe 100 times, Call for the letters
1:39:00 - Go to for more information

May 23, 2022

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Gloria Ginn who has been teaching natural vision improvement for over 40 years.

Gloria tells us the story of how she improved her own vision, overviews the different levels of vision improvement, recounts the collection of Gary Gunter's talks into her book Free Your Mind to Improve Your Eyesight, explains what a Shifter is and the benefits of using it properly, and provides plenty of powerful vision tips along the way.

You can get your own Shifter and learn more about Gloria's work at her website

You can also hear her on Episodes 13, 22, and 37 of The Better Eyesight Podcast at 

More information at 

Thank you!

Mar 31, 2022
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld explains why a new episode hasn't dropped in March (hard drive crashed!) and reads recent success stories from two of his vision students instead to provide some inspiration.

Watch the replays of Nathan's Palming Parties by searching for "palming party" on YouTube.

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Feb 22, 2022
In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Dhruvin Patel who is an optometrist and a founder of Ocushield. His mission is to help eyes thrive in the digital age, so he has created a line of screen filters, glasses, and light bulbs that are designed to block blue light, which has been found to affect circadian rhythms and eye physiology.

1:11 - 10 years of mitigating blue light
1:51 - Dhruvin’s story
3:00 - Mom was right!
3:25 - Research Project: blue light’s effect on eye physiology and circadian rhythms
3:40 - Blue light causes visual stress in form of headaches, and suppresses melatonin to make it harder to sleep
4:40 - The creation of Ocushield
5:27 - Science-backed blue light filters for smartphones, tablets, laptops, monitors, blue blocking glasses, and eye healthy lighting
6:30 - Blocking blue light without affecting the other colors
8:10 - Natural blue light vs. Artificial blue light
9:17 - How to mitigate blue light in indoor lighting
9:35 - Kelvins = color temperature lighting… above 5000k is for daytime, not nighttime
10:21 - Oculamp allows you to control the color temperatures
11:40 - Blocking blue light for reading before bed
13:03 - The skin senses light, not just the eyes
14:07 - 30 hours of exposure to screen time (blue light) caused 40% increase in skin inflammation
16:47 - Short term effects of blue light on the eyes
17:39 - The 20:20:20 Rule
18:13 - Long term effects of blue light on the eyes
19:25 - Children’s eyes have half the protection to blue light as adult’s eyes
20:25 - Blue light and lens health
21:51 - What about night shift workers?
24:08 - The flexibility of our evolutionary biology
25:00 - The 1:1:1 Rule
26:48 - The future of Ocushield
29:09 - Nutrition & Blue Light: Zeaxanthin acts as a blue light absorber in the retina
31:00 - Letting eyes thrive in the digital age 32:19 - Looking ahead: visual stress from virtual reality
33:35 - Go to for more information

Use Coupon Code “nakedeye” at checkout for 15% off!

Jan 16, 2022

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Meir Schneider about his amazing story of going from 1% vision to 70% vision with the help of the Bates Method, bodywork, emotional healing, and more.

Not only does Meir overview some powerful principles of natural vision improvement, but he also shares lots of inspiring success stories from his decades of experience in the natural vision world.

[0:40] From 1% vision to 70% vision: naturally! [2:22] Jumping on trampolines when filming the Vision 2020 Documentary [4:06] A normal lens vs. Meir’s lens after five surgeries [4:26] Meir was born with cataracts, and his kids were too [7:50] Yoga for Your Eyes [8:44] Meir’s childhood in Jerusalem & Tel Aviv [11:22] Meir’s introduction to eye exercises [15:00] Dr. Bates is the father of natural vision improvement [15:29] Eyes are meant for distance vision [16:25] Two biggest enemies: chair and shoes [16:46] Poor blood flow leads to vision problems [17:31] Cataract surgery vs. stopping cataracts from growing naturally [18:50] Injections for macular degeneration vs. stopping bleeding naturally [19:12] Prevention of eye problems starts with eye exercises as a part of your life [21:11] Tension in your neck starts in your toes [23:10] Vision problems a result of poor blood flow to the visual system [23:55] Emotional connections with vision problems [25:44] Physical diopters, emotional diopters, psychological diopters [26:06] Physical benefits of gazing far into the distance in a pleasurable way [27:11] Poor vision leads to a lot of tension, and tension leads to poor vision [28:06] Do not strain to see! The power of acceptance [30:50] Stretch to loosen the fingers, wrists, neck, shoulders [31:40] Try walking backwards to activate muscles differently [33:05] We become so stiff in life, and don’t even feel it [33:46] Vision is a full-body kinesthetic experience [34:15] An interesting story about treating glaucoma naturally [38:45] Sunning to reduce eye pressure naturally [39:09] An interesting story about increasing eye pressure when it is too low [42:32] An interesting story about macular pucker [44:44] Function leads to structure, thought leads to function [45:17] Adapt to the sun [46:26] Adapt to the dark [47:07] Look at small details [47:30] Look into the distance [47:45] Expand your peripheral vision [49:25] An interesting story about a stroke of the optic nerve [50:27] Increase circulation to the eyes and brain through a variety of daily movements [51:08] The difference between muscle strength and muscle tone [53:00] Wearing glasses is like eating McDonalds [53:38] An interesting story about Meir’s partner’s vision improvement [55:50] Don’t fight with your glasses, use reduced strength lenses [56:56] Any improvement in vision is a big deal [58:35] Vision improvement is a lifelong process [58:55] Meir’s Six Day Workshop in San Francisco on February 10-15, 2022

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