The Naked Eye Podcast: Exploring Natural Alternatives to Glasses, Contacts, and Surgeries

The Naked Eye Podcast is a show designed to help people learn how to see clearly with the naked eye. No glasses, no contacts, no laser eye surgeries… just natural vision improvement. Together we’ll explore the holistic side of eyecare and how natural alternatives like the Bates Method, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork and more can give you healthier eyes, which leads to better eyesight and insight. Nathan Oxenfeld will be teaching you natural vision tips and vision enhancement practices, covering advances in vision training, vision science, and neuroplasticity, challenging orthodox views and belief systems, debunking vision myths, and conducting interviews with the world’s leading natural vision educators and other alternative practitioners that offer modalities that also enhance eyesight & insight. He'll also be answering listener questions and creating a forum for people who are in the process of improving their own vision holistically to share their experiences, challenges, and successes. This podcast will also document Nathan's ongoing travels, events, classes, workshops, and retreats to raise awareness of natural alternatives to glasses, contacts, and surgery.
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Mar 21, 2020

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld explores how natural vision is a survival skill that can help in dire times, like we are seeing right now with the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The Bates Method of natural vision improvement teaches you how to improve the overall health of your eyes holistically, which can lead to clearer vision naturally and thus decreased dependency on artificial lenses, glasses, and contacts.

Countries around the world are shutting down, and closing "non-essential" businesses. In some places, that includes eye doctors.

What are you going to do if your glasses break while in quarantine?

What if you're not able to reorder more contact lenses and you run out?

How will you function in your everyday life?

That's where the Bates Method comes in.

By learning simple relaxation techniques and implementing vision enhancing practices, you can learn how to see clearly with just your naked eyes and no longer worry about depending on visual crutches anymore.

Nathan also points out the synchronicity of Dr. Bates publishing an article in the March 1920 Better Eyesight Magazine called "Influenza - A Quick Cure". Listen to The Better Eyesight Podcast to hear the full article!

Also, just last month Nathan released Episode 37 of The Naked Eye Podcast called "How Your Worldview & Self Image Can Influence Your Eyesight". Little did he know that a few weeks later the entire human population on the planet would be going through a major worldview shift in a very short amount of time. Listen to The Naked Eye Podcast to learn more.

Finally, Nathan also invites you to practice seeing beyond this current health crisis and clarify your vision of your future. There are so many unknowns right now that can be quite unsettling. If your future looks fuzzy, spend some time palming your eyes and visualizing a clearer version of what you'd like to see in the coming months and years ahead.

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Make a donation to Integral Eyesight Improvement LLC to support the continued creation of high quality videos and podcasts about holistic eye care and natural vision improvement -

May all beings everywhere be happy, healthy, and free from suffering.

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Feb 20, 2020

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld discusses the deeper connections between your worldview, your self-image, and your vision. Holistic eye care is all about expanding your definition of "vision" and including more factors in what vision can mean to you beyond just eyesight. It is also about investigating the non-physical factors that have shaped your vision in the past and continue to shape your vision today. This list on non-physical factors affecting your vision can be quite long, but today we are honing in on two in particular: worldview and self-image. Your worldview is how you think, feel, believe, and perceive the world outside of yourself. Your self-image is how you think, feel, believe, and perceive yourself and how you fit into the world. Your worldview and your self-image are formed through a combination of personal experiences and from what you take on from external sources. Sometimes we feel stuck in a certain worldview or self-image. Likewise, we can also feel stuck in a certain way of seeing. However, by becoming more flexible with these changeable non-physical factors like your worldview and self-image, you create the possibility of making a positive change with your physical eyesight. This episode was recorded from Buenos Aires, Argentina as Nathan prepares to attend the first Latin American Holistic Vision Conference.

Dec 22, 2019

Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld offers monthly Vision Halls for his private vision students as perk of enrolling in one of his online programs or attending one of his live events. This is an excerpt from the special Winter Solstice Meditation taught on December 21st, 2019. To access the second half of this video, to access the entire Vision Hall Archive, and access all future monthly Vision Halls throughout 2020 and beyond, please go to to learn more about becoming one of Nathan's vision students. Winter Solstice Meditation - December 21st, 2019 -Embracing the balance between light and dark... -The potential healing properties of darkness... Guided palming visualization... -Reflecting on the lowlights and highlights of the last decade 2010-2019... -Looking ahead to 20/20 vision in 2020 and beyond... -Q&A Please visit for more information. Thanks to Audionautix for the music in this podcast.

Nov 21, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld recaps his recent three week trip through Europe to attend the International Light Association Conference in Pula, Croatia followed by the International Holistic Vision Conference near Frankfurt, Germany. Both of the conferences were filled with amazing speakers by leaders in the fields of light therapy and vision therapy. Listen along as Nathan gives you a glimpse inside what gets explored at these eye-opening gatherings. Right after returning to America, Nathan led a 4 Day Eyesight & Insight Immersion Retreat near Asheville, North Carolina, which he also shares a bit about. 

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Sep 7, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld teaches you a strategy to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry, and increase relaxation, clarity, and focus. This breathing technique, often called "Box Breathing" involves inhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, exhaling for 4 seconds, holding for 4 seconds, and repeating. With practice, the number of seconds can be gradually increased to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc. It is recommended to do this breathing practice while sitting down or lying down in a safe and comfortable place. As a yoga teacher, Nathan utilizes breathing practices and yogic pranayamas on a regular basis to manage stress - even when it is good stress. This is a fast and simple way to switch from the sympathetic "fight, flight, freeze" nervous system to the parasympathetic "rest, digest, relax" nervous system.


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Jul 26, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld sits down for a conversation with Barry Auchettl. Barry Auchettl is the founder of Eye Power, the creator of Conversations The Game, and the facilitator of Life Vision Mentoring. He is based in the Gold Coast, Australia and joined Nathan for a week of filming on the West Coast of USA for the new Vision 2020 Documentary. All of these topics and more are covered in their chat, so have a listen! Visit for more information about The Naked Eye Podcast and Integral Eyesight Improvement LLC. Visit for more information about Barry Auchettl, Eye Power, Conversations, and Life Vision Mentoring. Visit for more information about the Vision 2020 Documentary where you can donate to support the project and share the page with your friends and family. Donations for the documentary can also be sent via PayPal at Thank you!

Jun 20, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Sara Banta, the owner of Accelerated Health Products. They discuss supplementing with silver and gold, the importance of collagen for the eyes and iodine for the third eye, the benefits of ketogenic diet, and much more! 

Sara is a Health Coach and busy mother of three who are now 12, 14 and 16 years old. She completed her undergraduate studies at Stanford University with a degree in Economics and Psychology in 1998. In 2016, she graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and The Invincible Wellness System. Through her journey, she has had to solve many health issues within her family including her son suffering from leukemia at the age of nine, her daughter having allergies, anemia and asthma, her husband having heart issues, her other daughter having comprehension and learning issues, in addition to headaches. This of course is on top of her own issues with fertility, hormones, adult acne, IBS, digestive issues, heavy metals and much more.  She has had to Connect the dots and realize what was causing all of these issues and what the solutions were, which also of course involved the mind body connection. A lot of the same solutions that heal the gut or the brain are the same solutions that heal and help eyesight. With that, she has devoted her life to providing guidance and all natural health supplements and solutions that heal the body and the problems not just addressing the symptoms to her clients. 

***She has offered a 15% off coupon code (nakedeyepodcast15) for our listeners on her website***

Visit for details on the upcoming Eye Yoga and Vision Workshops in July in Vancouver BC, Portland OR, and New York City NY.

Visit to learn more about the upcoming Vision 2020 Documentary and donate to the cause!

Visit to listen to the 3 teaser episodes leading up to the official launch on July 1st.

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May 17, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld, recounts his personal journey from daily dependence on glasses and contacts for myopia and astigmatism for over a decade, to reaching the point of seeing 20/20 without lenses. Take a walk down memory lane starting all the way back when he got his first pair of glasses in elementary school, some of the deeper underlying root causes that most eye doctors don't talk about, all the way to college where he was first introduced to The Bates Method and natural vision improvement.

Nathan shares the exact steps he took starting from the first day he began retraining his vision, the initial successes he experienced, as well as some of the hurdles and challenges he encountered along the way. Follow along as this journey ventures through Iceland, Yogaville, Central America, USA, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia! As you listen to his personal story, you'll also gain insights about your own personal vision story, and also pick up some helpful hints and "a-ha" moments throughout. This episode was suggested by a Naked Eye Podcast listener, so if you have any suggestions for future episodes or interviews, please send an email to

Check out the new Better Eyesight Podcast and become a member of the Better Eyesight League!

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Mar 20, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld, updates you on the rest of his trip in Australia, including adding 4 free vision walks to the end of the trip, his relocation back to Asheville to open the new Integral Eyesight Improvement office, the launch of his new 6 month vision improvement program starting with 2 free webinars on March 27 and April 1 to explain the program and answer questions, 2 potential vision improvement retreats happening in Vancouver this summer and in Asheville this fall, and the release of the brand new Better Eyesight Podcast this July. 

Click here to see the photos from New Zealand and Australia.

Click here to see the video of the new IEI office in Asheville.

Click here to sign up for a free webinar on 3/27 or 4/1.

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Stay tuned for more details about the vision retreats and new podcast!

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Jan 3, 2019

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld reviews his 2018 and previews his 2019. Then he leads you through an interactive 8 minute palming practice where you get a chance to reflect on your past year and visualize what you want to see in the upcoming year (practice begins at 26:26).

Click here to watch the video version of this episode -

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Nov 29, 2018

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld guides you through about a half-dozen holistic vision practices to give you a personal experience of natural vision improvement. Settle in, eliminate all distractions, and follow along for about 45 minutes of:

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing, Sighing, and Yawning
  2. Stretching Head, Neck, and Shoulders
  3. Reverse Blinking to Cultivate Clear Flashes
  4. Finger Swinging to Establish Oppositional Movement
  5. Near to Far Shifting to Improve Focusing
  6. Palming & Visualizing to Relax Eyes and Mind

This holistic vision routine is designed for people of all ages with all types of vision problems, as well as people without vision problems as a way to preserve healthy eyes. All the practices are designed to be done without wearing glasses or contacts.

Find yourself in a comfortable, safe space where you can be without artificial lenses. This episode is not one to listen to in the background while doing other things. This episode requires your complete attention, so download it and save it until you're home and can fully immerse yourself in the process to obtain the greatest benefit. You will only experience flashes of clarity and vision improvements when you perform these practices in a mindful way. Keep in mind that the overall goal is RELAXATION, so NEVER STRAIN or try too hard. These are NOT EYE EXERCISES, these are RELAXATION TECHNIQUES.

Repeat this routine on a regular basis, every day or every other day, to build momentum and continue experiencing ongoing improvements in your eyesight and insight. 

For more help, consider enrolling in Nathan's online Holistic Vision Program, which contains 10 more structured vision guides in video and audio format, or to work with Nathan one-on-one as your Vision Coach.

More information at

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Oct 4, 2018

In this episode, Nathan Oxenfeld shares the dates and locations of his outdoor vision walks and indoor vision workshops happening in Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver, and Portland as part of his Pacific Northwest Book Tour. He then gives you a glimpse inside the recent 2018 Association of Vision Educators Conference by introducing you to the presenters and sharing his takeaways from their talks and workshops in hopes of inspiring you and motivating you to keep learning more about the power of natural vision improvement for your eyes, your brain, and your life.

Links mentioned in this episode:

You can learn more about Nathan’s West Coast Book Tour at

You can learn more about the Association of Vision Educators (AVE) at

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Sep 1, 2018

In this episode, Nathan Oxenfeld answers some frequently asked questions about the Bates Method of natural vision improvement, including:

-What order should I watch your Bates Method 101 videos in?

-Should vision practices be done with or without glasses?

-Can I wear glasses after I do the practices?

-What do I do once my vision improves naturally and my glasses become too strong?

-Does natural vision improvement really work?

Nathan also provides some inspiring success stories and case histories, and clarifies some key points that will lead to greater successes with the Bates Method.

You can find the video version of this episode at

You can learn more about Nathan's West Coast Book Tour at

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Aug 10, 2018

In Episode 25 of The Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Esther Joy Van Der Werf about the functional causes of astigmatism, and natural ways to reverse it without glasses or contacts. Whether you're trying to get rid of astigmatism or prevent astigmatism in the future, this episode will provide you with several action steps and insights on how to accomplish that. Esther and Nathan also cover lots of complimentary topics that will help you hone your holistic vision practice and make sure you are approaching it correctly in order to actually experience beneficial results and improvements in your vision.

Esther Joy Van Der Werf's website -

Dr. Elliott Forrest - A New Model of Functional Astigmatism -

Dr. Elliott Forrest - Eye Scan Therapy for Astigmatism -

Astigmatism Chart -

More episodes of The Naked Eye Podcast -

Support The Naked Eye Podcast -

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Jun 30, 2018

In this episode, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews one of his colleagues, Greg Marsh. Listen to learn Greg's personal story of improving his vision using the Bates Method and how he addresses the underlying emotional root causes of vision problems using the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT. Greg leads Nathan through a demonstration of the EFT tapping technique and shares a handful of powerful case histories and success stories of using EFT to overcome physical, mental, and emotional issues. For more information about Greg Marsh and his work, please visit his website at

Nathan just got back from his East Coast Book Tour, which you can see a photoessay of at - - and is getting ready to begin his next 12 Week Group Online Course on July 10th, 2018 which you can get more info about at -

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May 27, 2018

Nathan Oxenfeld just released the new and improved edition of Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century.

You are invited to attend one of his Holistic Vision Improvement Workshops along his one month East Coast book tour in June 2018:
6/3 - Richmond, VA
6/9 - Philadelphia, PA
6/11 - New York City, NY
6/14 - Boston, MA
6/16 - Portland, ME
6/19 - Chester, MA
6/20 - Douglassville, PA

Details, Locations, Times, and Tickets at

Free Yoga Festival in Richmond on June 2 -

In this episode you will get an exclusive sneak peek inside Nathan's new book as he walks you through chapter by chapter explaining the vision training process along the way.

You can order the paperback or eBook version of Give Up Your Glasses For Good at

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Apr 27, 2018

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld reads a section of Aldous Huxley’s book The Art Of Seeing that explains a handful of simple yet powerful suggestions to transform reading from an activity that tires your eyes into an activity that improves your vision.

  1. Every 1-2 sentences, close your eyes for 1-2 seconds and remember the last word and punctuation mark.
  2. Every 1-2 pages, palm your eyes for 10-30 seconds or more.
  3. Sun your eyes, palm your eyes, and sun your eyes again before reading, or during reading.
  4. Gaze up at distant eye chart, calendar, or out window every couple of pages.
  5. Use memory and imagination to visualize perfect word or letter, or imagine black dots left/right or above/below letter, shifting back and forth mentally and physically.
  6. Gaze at tiny text or microprint in a relaxed way before and during reading.
  7. Do not hold your breath while you read. Breathe rhythmically.
  8. Do not stare or try and see a whole sentence or phrase at once (diffuse). Blink and centralize.
  9. Do not frown while you read. Catch your facial muscles straining and consciously relax them.
  10. Do not read through half closed eyelids. Keep eyes open normal. Use a slot reader.

Click Here for the full PDF of Aldous Huxley’s The Art Of Seeing.
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Mar 30, 2018

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld interviews Daniel Georgiev, the creator of Iris, which is a blue light blocking computer software.

Daniel lives in Bulgaria and his Iris software has been gaining more traction recently. Apple and Android have both added blue-blocking features to all their smartphones and tablets... but what about your laptop or desktop computer? That's where Iris comes in.

You can download Iris on all your laptops and computers to begin protecting your eyes from the potentially hazardous effects of excessive exposure to blue light being emitted from your screens.

Blocking blue light by using softwares, blue blocking glasses, improving our vision habits, or limiting screen time, can help decrease Computer Vision Syndrome symptoms, prevent blurry vision and dry eyes, and even prevent future development of eye complications like cataracts and macular degeneration.

Nathan and Daniel discuss the negative effects of the blue light coming from your screen and how to block it, the flicker rate of your screen and how to fix it, the benefits of full spectrum sunlight to counteract screen time, whether blue blocking glasses work or not, proper vision habits while working on the computer, proper lighting and different types of artificial light bulbs, and many other interesting topics. 

To download the free Iris Mini or to buy a lifetime license for Iris Pro, visit

To watch Daniel's TED Talk, go to

For more information, visit

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Feb 17, 2018

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld reads you the story of Dr. William Bates' own personal experience recounting how he discovered one of the fundamental truths about natural vision improvement: that memory brings vision. As a conventionally trained ophthalmologist, Dr. Bates was trying all kinds of experiments involving strain, tension, and effort to try and get his farsighted eyes to be able to focus on fine print up close without his reading glasses. He even consulted hypnotherapists, electricity specialists, neuro-psychologists, and more, but to no avail.  After months and months of failed experimentation upon himself, he finally had a breakthrough one night with the help of his trusty assistant. This breakthrough enabled him to be able to read the fine print on a newspaper clearly without his reading glasses, and eventually led him to make even more discoveries about how to reverse all kinds of other vision problems with the help of the memory, imagination, and visualization - not by doing physical eye exercises. Listen to Nathan read this story to you from the February 1922 edition of Dr. Bates' Better Eyesight Magazine, which was a monthly publication that spanned 11 years and was devoted to the exploration of holistic eye care and alternative approaches to preventing and reversing vision problems naturally. After reading the article, Nathan spends some time reflecting on the material and adds some commentary to make it easier to understand and apply to your life and your vision. If you want to go even deeper into the process of improving your vision naturally, just like William Bates and Nathan Oxenfeld did, then consider either enrolling in Nathan's online vision improvement course the Holistic Vision Program or consider working with Nathan privately in the form of one-on-one vision training lessons online. Thanks to for the music used in this podcast.

Jan 9, 2018

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld gives a preview of some exciting things coming up in 2018 including his next 12 Week Online Group Vision Improvement Course from January 17th-April 11th, the planned release of the new 3rd edition of his book Give Up Your Glasses For Good: Holistic Eye Care for the 21st Century, an East Coast US Book Tour in the summer, a West Coast US Book Tour in the fall, and the next Association of Vision Educators Conference in Portland, Oregon in September. He then recounts his recent one month European Vision Tour where he offered 5 free natural vision improvement walks in Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, and London, and attended his first International Holistic Vision Conference in Scotland. He introduces you to the magnificent speakers at that conference and briefly reviews the topics of their talks that covered powerfully varied approaches to natural vision improvement, including the Bates Method, Massage, Binocular Vision, Truama Releasing, Somatic Experiencing, Neurolinguistic Programming, Bach Flower Remedies, Sound Therapy, and more. To see some pictures from his European Vision Tour, visit and to read Nathan's article called "Look With Love: The Art of Receptive Eyesight", visit Thanks to for the music used in this podcast.

Dec 2, 2017

In this episode, Certified Bates Method Teacher, Nathan Oxenfeld answers the simple question - What Is The Bates Method? and proceeds to explain exactly how it is possible that you can retrain your eyes, brain, and mind to see clearly again without using glasses or contacts or getting a laser eye surgery. This idea was suggested to Nathan by a woman he met in one of his free natural vision improvement walks he hosted throughout Europe in October. She requested an episode where I explain the Bates concepts in simple and easy to understand terms so she can share it with her friends and family who want to learn more about what it is and how it works. Nathan also briefly explains what he does as a Bates Method teacher and coach and overviews some of the ways he teaches people how to see clearly again naturally. 

If you have a question or suggestion for a podcast episode, feel free to visit and contact Nathan. 

Visit for a recap of Nathan's European Vision Tour.

Stay tuned for more events happening in 2018 like a new 12 Week Online Group Course, a new edition of Nathan's book Give Up Your Glasses For Good, an East Coast US Book Tour in the Spring/Summer, and a Pacific Northwest Book Tour in the Fall, as well as more podcasts and videos!

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Jul 26, 2017

In this episode of The Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan reads Doug Marsh's enlightening 5-part article titled Alternative Myopia Research and Proven Natural Treatment including:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Problems with the Excess Near Work Theory
Part 3: Problems with the Hereditary Theory
Part 4: A Radical Mind-Body Theory for The Cause of Myopia
Part 5: A Successful and Empowering Solution to Control Myopia

This 5-part article was a follow up to Doug's previous 4-part article titled Orthodox Myopia Research: Blind Alleys and No Cure and a precursor to his article Optometrist Cures Her Own Myopia.

Doug Marsh is a retired civil engineer who improved his vision and wrote Restoring Your Eyesight: A Taoist Approach, a book about blending the Bates Method with the ancient principles of Taoism. He also wrote a 2-part article called The Tao of Colors Part 1 & Part 2

Visit for more articles, ebooks, and discussion forums about natural vision improvement. There you will also find an inspiring collection of case histories and Bates Method Success Stories.

Visit for more information about Integral Eyesight Improvement and The Naked Eye Podcast. 

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Click Here to watch Nathan's Bates Method 101 video teaching you the practice of Palming so you can palm your eyes while you listen to this episode!

Apr 10, 2017

In this episode of the Naked Eye Podcast, Nathan interviews Marybetts Sinclair, who is a massage therapist and natural vision improvement teacher from Corvallis, Oregon. Marybetts has been a massage therapist since 1975 and loves exploring the connection between chronic upper body tension and vision problems. Her interest in this began when she noticed that the relaxation she provided people through her bodywork and massage would almost immediately vanish the moment they stood up and put their glasses back on. To facilitate the most comprehensive solution, she started referring her clients to see other practitioners of the Feldenkrais Method, the Alexander Technique, and the Bates Method. After significantly improving her own vision using the Bates Method, she also became certified to teach it and incorporate it with her preexisting massage practice. Marybetts is also an avid juggler and talks about how juggling can grow your brain and improve your vision. 

Visit for more information about Marybetts and her books, articles, and classes. 

Hey Kids! Keep Those Peepers Moving! Why Juggling is Good for the Eyes

The Transmission of Refractive Errors Within Eskimo Families by Francis A. Young

Visit for more information about the Naked Eye Podcast and to learn about Nathan's new Holistic Vision Program. Enter the coupon code "NAKEDEYEPODCAST" to save 10% off your purchase.

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Jan 20, 2017

In this episode, Nathan invites you to think about your vision in terms of the past, the present, and the future. Your past vision refers to your vision history. To clarify your past vision you need to explore your own unique underlying root causes to your vision problem, whether it was physical, mental, or emotional in nature. Your present vision refers to your vision right now. To clarify your present vision you need to create and maintain a daily holistic vision routine. You also need to make sure you are staying present during your practices, which is referred to as your Eye-Mind connection. Your future vision refers to your vision of your future and the future of the world. To clarify your future vision you need to set goals and work toward achieving those goals by creating vision boards and visualizing your future self. Reflect on your 2016, look toward your 2017, and enjoy the right here and right now. Email to share your vision goals or ask questions. Visit for more information.

Sep 27, 2016

In this episode Nathan recaps his experience at the 5-day conference with the Association of Vision Educators at the Peaceful Meadow Retreat Center in Boulder, Colorado in late September 2016. He gives you a peek inside the conference including some of the workshops, speakers, and topics discussed throughout the eye-opening long weekend. Here is the link to see Dr. Elliott B. Forrest's New Model of Functional Astigmatism and here is the link to see Dr. Ray Gottlieb's amazing Presbyopia Chart both mentioned in this episode. Email nathan (at) with questions or suggestions. Thanks!

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